Old Classmate

So funny i was surveying for Nikon D90,
since i got photography class at next semester

I went to 1TJ which is 5min from my house . . .

1st i come to visit my old friend
Benedict Teo and his dad shop at 1TJ,
i'm shock when i saw alot people at his shop ONLINE . . .

Hahahaha~ we chat for while and glad to see him again.

And i walk around the shopping mall
and searching for graphic tablet ( wacom )

and saw alot of stuff :X

but the funny part i'm so blur that pass by janet
while not noticing her...

then after asking the D90 for how much . . .
i go back to search for wacom
and saw her :D she saw me but did't call me . . .

it's fun to see her and chat with her again XD
time pass by very fast i chit chat with her almost 2 hour plus at her working place

that's all XD

BTW mum call me to get a cheaper cam T^T